Enquire about a Pulsant Cloud Desktop test drive

What is Pulsant Cloud Desktop?

Built on trusted technology from Citrix, Pulsant Cloud Desktop, removes the risk and complexity of managing a dispersed workforce by simplifying deployment, management and maintenance of multiple devices and remote workers through cloud-based VDI.

Hosted within a Pulsant data centre, Pulsant Cloud Desktop provides faster user access, increased security and quicker maintenance of multiple devices, enabling your staff to work remotely without limits.

Try it for yourself

Why not experience the benefits of Pulsant Cloud Desktop first-hand through our limited free test drive? Available to eligible businesses, the test drive provides access to a 30-day trial version of Pulsant Cloud Desktop, allowing you to try out the core features and functions and experience the platform’s usability before making any commitments.

The test drive covers up to five users and is a limited version designed purely for trial purposes, enabling you to better understand how your organisation can benefit from the full platform.

Request a free test drive today to see first-hand how Pulsant Cloud Desktop can help you simplify, standardise and secure your dispersed working environment and enable a high-performance workforce by:

  • Guaranteeing high performance with dedicated virtual machines for each user
  • Providing faster access to applications through RAM-based storage acceleration
  • Delivering a consistent user experience to any device with a genuine Windows 10 desktop
  • Improving reliability with a VDI that provides high availability and security by design

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