Pulsant DDoS Protect

Thanks to a few massive DDoS attacks over the last years and the media coverage they generated, most businesses are aware of the threat. But what are they doing about it? If your business relies on the internet, connectivity and the availability of data, you should be doing something. Unscheduled downtime can be detrimental to your brand, customer trust and ultimately your revenue.

As part of our Pulsant Protect security portfolio, our DDoS Protect solution. All of our customers benefit from our standard DDoS protection, but this offering takes it even further.

Pulsant DDoS Protect brings together multiple systems from industry experts that are designed to minimise the impact and disruption you may experience during an attack.

With Pulsant DDoS Protect you can:

  • Continue operating during an attack
  • Mitigate the cyber risk
  • Safebuard your brand and your revenue


Our Approach

Monitor - assess your DDoS readiness

Mitigate - minimise the impact of a potential attack

Protect - adapt and evolve your protection strategy

Guide to DDOS

Guide to DDOS

Putting together a comprehensive plan to protect against the DDoS threat can be complex. We’ve put together a best practice guide to help.

Download DDOS Guide

DDOS Protect Brochure


Discover DDoS Protect, our new security offering that helps our customers mitigate the risks of DDoS attacks.

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